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These lightsabers are replicas of the original light saber props used in the Star Wars Movies.  Force FX lightsabers were created by Master Replicas and have been remanufactured by Hasbro from sturdy machined aluminum and injection molded plastics and have equally sturdy polycarbonate lightsaber blades.  Each blade has 64 super-bright LEDs that power on and off in succession, recreating a realistic “beam” effect found only in fx lightsabers.  The force fx lightsabers also include motion and clash sensors and the lightsaber sound effects make you feel like you’re holding a real lightsaber!

If you have never held a Force FX lightsaber, we highly recommend trying one out.  It literally feels like you’re holding a real lightsaber with a bright, glowing blade and the ever so familiar and memorable lightsaber hum when it’s ignited.  When you swing your force fx lightsaber around, it makes the appropriate movement sounds and when the blade of your fx lightsaber is impacted, it makes that ever familiar lightsaber clashing sound.  What’s even better is each model of force fx lightsaber has different sets of lightsaber sounds, so each is unique and different than the other models of force fx lightsabers.  We highly recommend getting your hands on a force fx lightsaber or two today!

If you’re interested in making your lightsaber a bit more durable for real lightsaber battles, then check out our force fx lightsaber – luxeon conversions.  While you will lose the power up and down feature of the blade, this allows for a dueling capable force fx lightsaber which can even have a removable blade.  Then you can really release that inner Jedi or Sith in you.  And if you’ve broken your lightsaber’s blade while playing with it, then check out our force fx lightsaber – blade replacement service.

Why buy a Force FX lightsaber?  Because they’re beautifully crafted lightsabers that have appeal for both avid Star Wars collectors as well as those just looking to get into a lightsaber duel.  Are they safe to use?  The lightsaber hilts are formed and machined aluminum and plastics making them incredibly durable.  The blades of these light sabers are a solid polycarbonate tube which is incredibly durable and can stand up to the most heated battle and the LEDs inside the blade give these Star Wars lightsabers the power on and off retracting appearance of the light sabers in the Star Wars movies.  The lightsaber sounds are directly from the movies giving these lightsabers the most realistic sound and feel of anything else on the market. 

We highly recommend taking a look at the following information to help you understand more about these beautiful and fun lightsabers:

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